Hello librarians, parents, and kids! I’m Stephanie Katz, a librarian for the public library on the gorgeous Anna Maria Island in sunny Florida. Every Tuesday, I host story time for kids 0–5. I post my story time notes here for other children’s services librarians and parents who are working hard to shape littles into wonderful human beings.

My Story Time Format

  • Welcome Song
  • Talk about our theme
  • Book #1
  • Game (or two!)
  • Book #2
  • 3–5 songs
  • Book #3
  • Show kids the craft they’ll make
  • Goodbye Song
  • Craft time

Bubble Break!

I usually sneak in a bubble break at some point, especially if the book has bubbles in it. It’s always fun to drop everything and dance around in bubbles for a few minutes.



Photo by Maegan Luckiesh on Unsplash

I wrote my Welcome and Goodbye songs to incorporate the concept of a special story time on the island, because my library is on Anna Maria Island. I couldn’t resist adding a manatee into the song, since we are in Manatee County, FL, and it’s very common to see wild manatees in the bay and canals here. I usually have my stuffed manatee help me sing the songs, which gets the kids excited. Both songs are sung to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell” and are short and easy for kids and parents to memorize.

Welcome Song

It’s island story time,
It’s island story time,
High-ho the manatee-o,
It’s island story time!

Goodbye Song

Story time is done,
Story time is done,
We had so much fun,
Story time is done!